Jayme Lynn

Hello, My name is Jayme.

I currently reside in Los Angeles, California but have lived most of my life in Eastern Washington. I moved here 4 years ago to pursue a dream and an education and found myself in the heart of the fashion industry. I also found myself completely culture shocked by a big city and in-turn radically saved by the one and only...Jesus Christ :) You could say I am a big fan of His work.

I have sort of established myself here in my dream job and in a huge community called church, which I would have denied I would ever call myself "established" until early this year. Truth be told I always thought that the free-spirit-nomad-with-no-roots-here-one-day-and-gone-the-next was more my vibe...I think I might be growing out of that.

However, I am a sucker for EVERYTHING spontaneous. Pulling off the side of a freeway to pick flowers, playing hooky to take a 5 hour road trip to see a bald eagle then driving 5 hours back to go to work the next day, or ditching the homemade pasta that's fresh and ready I just made to go get pizza with my roommate. Whatever it is, if it's exciting, and spur of the moment, count me in.

I absolutely love experiencing. Whether it is food, nature, the Lord, people, conversation, seriously anything. Sometimes I put myself in uncomfortable situations just so I experience being uncomfortable! It's thrilling!!

If you wonder what I do for a living, I am an assistant buyer for a very big, christian based retail company. Can you guess what it is? You'll have to visit my LinkedIn to find out :)

Basically what that means is I help pick out what the store sells. I am a HUGE fan of my job, so I don't mind bragging on it...

A few other things you could know about me is I am unnaturally passionate about honey bees, and I am also unnaturally natural around bugs and wildlife. I enjoy being around spiders and snakes and moths and birds, I think watching and observing what they do and how they just live life with complete oblivion is utterly fascinating and something we can all learn from! I have learned so much about the meaning of work ethic just from watching the honey bees on my porch go from two to two thousand, that's hard work! Don't even get me started about spider webs...those things are works of art!

Something you could also know about me is recently being a "responsible adult" has become a hobby of mine in the area of finances and health. These are two things I could talk for hours and hours about with someone, whether they have the same opinions or different opinions, and leave the conversation completely refreshed. Two topics I will blog a lot about!

If there is one thing I would want people to know about me more than anything else though is my relationship with the Lord. I get a lot of eye rolls in LA for saying this but idc. I LOVE God, I can't wait to party in eternity with Jesus Himself, but until then, I am just going to glorify His name here on earth and no one is gunna stop me! I find God in everything, actually everything, I will talk a lot about Him and what He has said to me, and what He has done for me. I can't wait to hear in-turn what He has said to you and done for you, please tell me if you relate to my stories, questions, and thoughts. I would love to hear yours too!

Thanks for visiting!

"She lives in the realm of fables and love and speaks with slender arms and the swish of her tail. Each day in underwater ballet. Wild, in an unchoreographed, set to the music of the ocean." (I saw this on the side of a Starbucks coffee mug and I am pretty sure it is talking about a mermaid, but it spoke to me so much so I had to share it with you all.)

LOVE, Jayme